Character Sketches: #1 and #2

“With an athletic physique and a robust personality, he was shaped like a cube. His doctrine was fierce anti-Communism; his obsession, always to be the first to bring out his wallet to pay for a meal or a round of drinks; his mission, always to do favours for everyone; his credo, work; his passion, wine. In short, an explosive mixture.

But Migot had something else as well: two twinkling suns for eyes on which all the wrinkles in his face converged.”

– p. 188, The Gate (Francois Bizot)

“There was something inscrutable about this man Komatsu. You couldn’t easily tell from his expression or tone of voice what he was thinking or feeling. He appeared to derive a good deal of pleasure from keeping others guessing. Mentally, he was very quick, that was for certain. He was the type of man who had his own sense of logic and reached his own conclusions without regard to the opinions of others. He did not engage in pointless intellectual display, but it was clear that he had read an enormous amount and that his knowledge was both wide-ranging and deep. Nor was it simply a matter of factual knowledge: he had an intuitive eye both for people and for books. His biases played a large role here, but for Komatsu bias was an important element of the truth.”

– p. 27, 1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)


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