Some kind thoughts from 1869

Pierre’s insanity consisted in not waiting, as he used to do, to discover personal attributes, which he termed ‘good qualities’, in people before loving them; his heart was now overflowing with love, and by loving people without cause he discovered indubitable cause for loving them.

War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy: p. 886

I thought this brief quote is particularly timeless. I understand that there are many situations or problems which cannot simply be “loved” away. However, I do think it’s a fantastic foundation for most human relationships, particularly those with children.

This choice of quote might seem surprising, in light of the negativity of my last post. I think I can explain the incongruity in that this quote seems to me a generally good principle for people to consider and live by: the better we see other people, the more likely we are to discover their best characteristics. In opposition, the article last time was simply astounded by a similarly general principle being put into practice. Well, it’s been a couple of months, but I’m willing to make a firm recommendation of the book now that I’ve finally finish-

Oh wait. Still another 60-something pages to go. I am concerned that my laborious pace will result in my expulsion from The Book Club, if ever I was a member.



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