Monthly Archives: May 2014

EU election infographics and social media privacy

The European Union elections are underway this weekend, finishing on Sunday. In advance of the elections, BBC released a series of infographics on relevant issues. The disparity between youth unemployment figures and general unemployment is striking. It’s received a lot of attention in the media over the pat few years, but the visual really drives the point home. […]

Cuban digital journalism, trans-politics in Thailand, and anti-World Cup protests

Cycling through The Guardian to work on my next assignment (an analysis of anti-immigration sentiment in the United Kingdom), a handful of scattered world news caught my eye. One of particular interest to me was the opening of Cuba’s first digital newspaper, by blogger Yoani Sánchez. Suppression of freedom of speech is one of the […]

The blog changes locations, changes directions

Hi! As you may have heard, I’ve moved from Winnipeg to Bangkok. Here’s the run-down: I arrived in Bangkok at 1:00 AM on April 30th. I’m staying in an apartment on Petchasem Road, a busy suburban street in the southwest corner of Bangkok. I’m working at Lertlah International School, Kanchanapisek Campus, teaching K3 (anubahn-sahm) for […]

Defining culture (an assignment)

Well! One week in Bangkok so far: the first of 44. My first class is called Education in Multicultural Settings. To begin, we were asked to define 11 terms, which would set the grounds for our conversations. My first definition was on the meaning of culture. I ended up writing pretty expansively on this one. […]