Monthly Archives: March 2014

Why debate and rhetoric should become part of the Manitoba curriculum

My article in the Spectator Tribune, on Tuesday March 18th. Essentially, a summary of the reasons that debate would be a functional addition to the standard Manitoba Curriculum. On Sunday, March 9th, I enjoyed an afternoon at Balmoral Hall, judging the Junior Provincial Debate Championships, hosted by the Manitoba Speech and Debate Association. I […]

Random Policy Idea: Why not more taxis?

My most recent and most random column in The Uniter. “A few weeks ago, I read an article in the Winnipeg Free Press on the regulatory practices of the Taxicab Board (TCB). In “Cabbies, customers deserve better”, Graham Lane, a former chairman of the Public Utilities Board, argued that the TCB was unnecessarily limiting […]

The student politics problem

Over at the University Winnipeg, my former colleague Joey Dearborn (@joeydearborn) writes on the sad state of affairs of our student politics. I agree with a lot of what Joey is saying. The student body generally has little idea how their money is spent. Nor would I dispute his statement that the majority of students probably […]

rape culture and the casual absence of consent

Anne Thériault (@Anne_theriault) recently wrote a blog post disclosing a long text message conversation between several students full of non-consensual, graphic sexual remarks about Anne Marie Roy, president of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa.  That conversation is particularly extreme, in its vulgarity and graphic descriptions. But many parts of it are troublingly familiar, and […]