Internet traffic revenue, a message from Elsipogtog, and crashing a Wall Street party

No theme today, just some things I’ve read.

First up is some prime Internet gossip between rival e-media outlets, Gawker, BusinessInsider and Buzzfeed and the way they do business with Facebook. The dispute itself is quite trivial: Business Insider altered a quote that was critical of Buzzfeed. Gawker wrote about it. That story doesn’t interest me so much, but the original story by @nichcarlson is the one worth reading for anyone who works in communications, media, or is curious about the way electronic media is manipulated. Carlson inspects the traffic patterns of major websites like Upworthy, Elite Daily, Distractify and Buzzfeed, and how their traffic has altered after Facebook made changes to their news feed. Bit of a nerdy read, but I think it’s important that we stay aware of how social media actually works.

The next is a blogpost by @northendMC. Michael Champagne wrote about listening to Suzanne Patles, a representative of the Mi’kmaq Warrior’s Society, talking about the struggle in Elsipogtog to protect their land and their water. I also attended the speaking tour on Monday, and I really like what he took away from it. Patles agreed that donating money to the legal defense fund, but she also emphasized “support your local indigenous resistance!”

In Michael’s post, he translates that into “Do my homework and get involved with local initiatives that help support and protect water!” For people who want to get involved, or support causes they believe in, there is no better place to start than doing your homework, reading up on issues and knowing why it’s important. 

Finally, I’m including Kevin Roose’s relatively well-circulated expose on an offensive and depressing celebration of opulence by members of Wall Street’s ruling class. Not sure how much I have to add here. I’m not shocked that members of Wall Street are insulated from the effects they have on the citizens around them. I’m not shocked that this insulation leads them to make crass mockery of poverty and financial instability. I am impressed with Roose’s investigative journalism (really, just walk in! just go on in!), and his commitment to publishing his article. There is an excellent post in the comments from “BejeweledTortoise” which undercuts defenders of the party, who call it “blowing off steam.”

Yes, I read comments. :\


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