Monthly Archives: February 2014

Local writers, local issues: the student U-pass and our righteous Olympic indignation

A couple of pieces by two local writers (and friends): Zach Fleisher (@zachfleish) recently wrote in to the Winnipeg Free Press about the student U-Pass, in response to Councillor Scott Fielding’s critical comments about a transit subsidy for student bus passes. I line up with Zach’s logic on this one. More people using more public transit […]

Wednesday is coming… BE PREPARED.

There’s a lot happening this coming Wednesday, and it’s all at the same time, so I’ll be brief. At 8:00 PM, Winnipeg’s slam poetry community is hosting a qualifier. The top four poets from the contest (as judged by the AUDIENCE) will be able to compete in Winnipeg’s semi-finals in May. The top Winnipeg poets […]

Internet traffic revenue, a message from Elsipogtog, and crashing a Wall Street party

No theme today, just some things I’ve read. First up is some prime Internet gossip between rival e-media outlets, Gawker, BusinessInsider and Buzzfeed and the way they do business with Facebook. The dispute itself is quite trivial: Business Insider altered a quote that was critical of Buzzfeed. Gawker wrote about it. That story doesn’t interest […]

The Winter Cycling Congress is here! BIKES! DURING! WINTER!

Hi. The 2014 Winter Cycling Congress is finally underway!  We’ll be talking about a lot of things, among them data collection, snow clearing, city design, youth and winter cycling, mental health and winter activity and how to change cultural attitudes towards riding your bike in the winter. It’s gonna be a good one. I’d like […]

You started a blog? and you didn’t update it for two weeks?!

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I admire the dedication of those who have put together a blog and manage to update it with any level of consistency! It’s just a really easy thing to put off, or deprioritize. Still – I want to make sure that reading and reflecting is part of my regular routine. So […]