First post: an introduction

Over the past year or so, I’ve spent quite a few hours of my life with my phone in hand, reading articles that the winds of the Internet have blown across my path. Occasionally, when I find a piece of writing particularly provocative or interesting, I share it with friends. Where to? The greatest audience reached with least effort required – Facebook friends.

One thing I’ve noticed is that posting articles pontificating on the need for economic reform, or on the labyrinthic task of researching the long-term effects of GMOs tend to get a lot less “likes” than when I post a status about, say, pizza. Some ideas just ring eternal, I guess.

Still, occasionally people would come up to me “In Real Life” and comment that they’d enjoyed reading some article or another that I’d posted. My inbox was filling up with fascinating (to me) items I’d read that I was filing away to send to people at some indeterminate “later.” Not wanting to drench the timelines of those who really don’t care about the mating habits of the deadly Australian drop bear, but still wanting to share ideas with anyone interested, a blog seemed like an appropriate outlet. Nobody should be reading this who doesn’t care to be reading it!

I’ve called the blog Curious Winnipeg. Those two words should be broad enough to capture everything I’ll want to share here. I’ll be updating the blog two or three times a week, with a few articles either from my personal archives or that I’ve read recently. I’ll post links to my own writing when something new gets published. When there’s a lot of exciting events going on in Winnipeg in a short span of time, I’ll try to give those a worthwhile summary.

I’m always open to feedback, comments on the articles I’m linking to, or suggestions of what to post.

I’ll start the blog on a note of positivity. Here’s music critic Zachary Lipez with some writing about writing:

“You will never convince me that fewer voices are the answer to anything.”

“Finally, and I can’t state this strongly enough, there’s room for all of you. The Internet, from what I’m told, is pretty big. Boosters, cynics, millennials, olds, hacks, and dilettantes: there is no shortage of space for all of you at the “1,000 words about Vampire Weekend and race” buffet.”

Happy reading. Happy writing.



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